Helping you make the most of your investment

Owning and operating aircraft can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.  With the benefits of ownership come a multitude of additional challenges such as regulatory requirements, crewing, accounting, and maintenance operations.

 At swiss-acm, our management solutions are designed to help you maximize your aircraft investment while relieving you of the day-to-day hassle that ownership entails.  Through a straightforward and transparent approach, we offer you the ability to simply enjoy the benefits of ownership while we focus our efforts on growing your asset through economic efficiency.  While never compromising on safety nor quality, we continually scrutinize operational expenditures and streamline inefficiencies to recoup savings wherever possible.

We also offer private aircraft owners the option to significantly offset operating costs through managed charter services.  Working around your usage requirements, we can assist in generating income during aircraft idle time without interrupting your schedule. 

With swiss-acm, you can choose exactly the level of aircraft management you require – from minimal oversight and consultation services to a fully personalized management program that encompasses all operational, crewing, and maintenance requirements for smooth and compliant operation.

Let us help you realize the joys and convenience of aircraft ownership!


Total Aircraft MANAGEMENT

Aircraft Management services through swiss-acm offer you both cost and time savings.

They include:

  • Aircraft Financial Control with transparent Invoice Auditing
  • Maintenance scheduling and oversight

  • Crew Selection, Management, and Training

  • Review of Contracts

  • Competitive Insurance Provider

  • Managed Charter Services

  • International Regulatory Compliance


Contact us today and we'd be happy to discuss with you the range of services we can provide.