Air Charter is the most convenient method of travel to get you where you need to be, whether it be regionally or on the other side of the globe. Travel based on your schedule, your needs, your way.

Allow swiss-acm to present you with an unrivaled travel experience with utmost safety and comfort while enjoying our world-class concierge service.  Throughout the 900 airports in Europe, as well as over 5000 airports worldwide, your journey will be as unique as your wishes are.

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Since absolute customer satisfaction is our starting point, each flight is a uniquely tailored experience around you. No request is too small or extraordinary.

Whether your goal is an exotic island destination or simply the airport nearest your business needs, our aircraft can easily operate from smaller, more conveniently located airports allowing you to optimize your time and avoid typical air travel headaches found at congested airports. Furthermore, our charter fleet of advanced aircraft can fly higher, faster, and often further that conventional airliners, reaching your destination in the minimum time possible.

Our crew of experienced pilots and cabin attendants are professionally trained to above airline standards to ensure your absolute safety and comfort when flying with us. Our crews are passionate about delivering an exemplary travel experience and are empowered to ensure that every flight arrives safely and with every wish met.

Rediscover the joy of flying again; a tailored experience focused on you and your wishes, guaranteed.